Chantilly National Golf Club Wedding Photos: Rahul and Devika

I am so excited to share these Chantilly National Golf Club Wedding Photos with you! Rahul and Devika got married not only in the middle of a pandemic, but also in the middle of a snow storm! Their wedding was by no means any less special, and that is because of the time and thought they put into having special moments on their wedding day. They took time to incorporate Indian tradition and heritage into their day, which was so special!

Rahul and Devika met because they studied in the same college during their undergraduate years. They were in two different classes but met through a common friend and then started dating. 7 years later and now they are getting married! They are also both software engineers and will be shifting to Tempe, AZ and starting a new life there. Rahul and Devika also love travelling and hope to spend the weekdays trying to love work and weekends exploring the various nooks and corners of the US and the world.

India was their first-choice location to have our wedding/reception. Everything got changed because of covid and they decided to have the reception in Northern Virginia since they have a lot of relatives here.¬†They got married at Chantilly National Golf Club, which is a great location in the Northern Virginia area. What I love about this venue is that there is a lot of variety for photos outside and in the surrounding area! We were offered a golf cart to be able to venue around, but because of the snow, we actually weren’t able to use it! We made the most of things though, and I think we got the best photos! Rahul and Devika, congratulations again and it was such a joy to celebrate this monumental moment in your lives with you!

Chantilly National Golf Club Wedding Photos captured by Virginia Wedding Photographer Samia: