Clyde’s Willow Creek Farm Wedding: Avanti and Arland

I had the wonderful experience of photographing Arland and Avanti’s Clyde’s Willow Creek Farm Wedding in Ashburn, Virginia.

Arland and Avanti decided on Clydes in Ashburn as the perfect venue for their intimate celebration. Surrounded by only their closest family and friends, a total of 10 guests, they exchanged vows in a small and personal ceremony. It was a joyful and emotional event. Arland and Avanti are planning to have a big wedding in India someday, but did not want to wait another day without being married to one another. Instead of going to India, they worked with industry talent from all over Northern Virginia to create a truly special event that honored Indian heritage and also the quirkiness of their relationship. Clydes’ Willow Creek’s patio was the perfect backdrop for their outdoor wedding, officiant Jeff of Wedding Ceremonies by Jeff drafted a completely custom wedding ceremony that honored all of their important pieces, and Oliva of Twin Brook Floral Design created a ceremony arch and bouquet that tied all vendor efforts together with summer blooms and petals. Right after the ceremony, Arland and Avanti Facetimed Avanti’s grandmother in India before sitting down to celebrate over lunch and champagne. 

As a photographer, it was an honor for me to capture the beauty and intimacy of Arland and Avanti’s special day. Small weddings like theirs in Virginia offer a unique charm, allowing couples to focus on the love and connection they share with their closest circle. Clydes in Ashburn provided the perfect backdrop for this intimate ceremony, creating an atmosphere of warmth and love.

If you’re considering a small wedding, whether it be in Virginia or elsewhere, remember that it can be a wonderful choice. The intimacy of a smaller gathering allows for more meaningful moments and a chance to truly savor the love and joy of the day. Whether you choose a venue like Clydes in Ashburn or a different location, an intimate ceremony with your closest ones can be just as memorable and beautiful as a larger affair.

So, if you’re thinking about a small wedding in Virginia, keep in mind the enchanting possibilities it offers. It can be just as beautiful and memorable as this Clyde’s Willow Creek Farm Wedding. The intimacy and love that fill the air during a ceremony with a limited number of guests can create a truly magical experience. Clydes in Ashburn, in particular, is an excellent choice for an intimate wedding that will leave lasting memories. Whether you decide to have a small wedding in Virginia or choose a different location, embrace the beauty of an intimate celebration – because love knows no bounds, no matter the size of the guest list. 

Vendors: Venue: Clydes, Officiant: Wedding Ceremonies by Jeff, Florals: Twinbrook Floral Design Weddings

Clyde’s Willow Creek Farm Wedding by Virginia Wedding Photographer Samia