Salamander Resort Wedding: Ghadeer & Eric

I am so excited to share this Salamander Resort wedding with you! Ghadeer and Eric got married on a cozy morning in Middleburg, Virginia at sunrise. They booked the most classic and gorgeous suite to get ready in. Ghadeer had her hair and makeup done professionally in the suite, while Eric went downstairs on a coffee run, read the newspaper, and then put his suit and tie on in the living room. What I love about the Salamander Resort is that their suites are huge and have enough space to get a lot of variety in the photos! While Ghadeer got ready, we photographed the dress, perfume, and all the jewelry using the soft light coming through the windows before the sun came up. We then had Eric step onto the front porch for their first look.

Ghadeer came out onto the balcony, tapped Eric on the shoulder, and the emotion captured us all. They spent a few moments chatting amongst themselves, complimenting each other, and feeling so much joy and peace in this moment that was just about the two of them. Once they were ready, we walking down and outside onto the lawn with their officiant, where we captured their ceremony. After they exchanged their vows and rings, we walked around the venue for different poses and angles. Ghadeer wore the most beautiful fur, and it added so much style and dimension to their photos! I always recommend fur for winter weddings, it never fails to make for a cozy, warm, and timeless look!

The Salamander is one of our favorite venues for weddings because of the ample amount of light that comes in through the suites, as well as the variety we are able to get by walking around the lawn. One of my favorite spots to actually use for photos are the balconies connected to the suites, and the study downstairs. Both make for the perfect backdrop for timeless and classic images that keep you focused on the story in front of you.

Salamander Resort Wedding in Middleburg Virginia photographed by Virginia Wedding Photographer Samia