Jefferson Memorial Engagement Photos | Eleanor and Patrick

I am so excited to share Eleanor and Patrick’s Jefferson Memorial engagement photos with you! Of all the historic places you can take engagement photos in DC, I think the Jefferson Memorial is one of the most beautiful. Eleanor and Patrick wanted a historic, timeless and classic look for their fall photos and after considering a couple different spots, this location turned out to be the best. The Jefferson actually has the best light from all of the DC monuments because of the water that is surrounding the location, I also love that we were able to start with some greenery by the water and then continue into the actual monument, and then even continue onto the other side of the monument by the water. Locations like this make for a great variety in your gallery and making your photos look like you were at more than one place. We did a variety of formal posed photos as well as more playful ones, I love having this combination of things because I feel as though you need both photos to print in your home that look a little formal as well as ones that showcase your personality and chemistry as a couple. We bounced back and forth between poses and prompts and small games for their engagement session. Eleanor and Patrick looked beautiful and they are such a sweet couple together, they complement each other so perfectly. I absolutely loved their fall outfits and thought they were the perfect look for the occasion, especially Patricks blue jacket and Eleanor’s boots. These two are to be married this summer at DAR Constitution Hall where we will get so many more photos of them together and I am so excited for it! 

Jefferson Memorial Engagement Photos by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Samia