Kennedy Center Engagement Photos: Alex and Zach

Alex and Zach lucked out with the sunset for their photos at the Kennedy Center earlier this month! The Kennedy Center is one of the best places for engagement photos because of it’s open space and natural light. Anywhere there is water or white walls nearby, there will be even and great light, and the Kennedy Center has both! What I also love about the space is how easy it is to crop out other people from the photos generally, since there are so many walls and pieces to use for framing. The Kennedy Center is a great background if you are looking for a modern take on DC, with a little bit of trendy and fun thrown in. The key with the Kennedy Center, and most engagement shoots, is actually in the outfits you choose.

I helped Alex and Zach pick outfits that were timeless and classic -white and blue or white and black never fails, and this gives space for the light and backgrounds to have more color without being overwhelming! What I also love about the Kennedy Center is that no matter which direction you shoot in, you will have green lighting. I always like to start with the light on the couple for the first half, and then switch to a backlit evening once the sunset is in full swing, which you can see down below. That backlit light with a little wind makes for the most movement and natural looking photos! I loved this session and working with Alex and Zach, and I am so excited to add this special sunset to the portfolio.

Kennedy Center Engagement Photos by DC Wedding Photographer Samia: