Library of Congress Engagement Photos: Karen and Mike

These Library of Congress engagement photos are some of my favorite to date! Karen and Mike actually met at an ice cream social. Karen’s roommate introduced them to each other but while Michael was trying to make moves, she was more focused on creating the perfect ice cream sundae.  Mike asked Karen out and for their first date they went to Jaxson’s, a popular restaurant and ice cream parlor in south Florida. After dinner, they drove to the beach where they laid under the stars talking and watching the waves crash. A few dates and some (extremely) corny jokes later, as Karen explained it, she was hooked. A few years later and Michael’s family invited Karen on a cruise. She knew something was up when he convinced her to do a “photoshoot” on the beach in Aruba. Michael popped the question surprised Karen with having invited her parents to Aruba also, since he knew how much family meant to her. Today, they live a pretty fast paced life -they both work full time jobs, love to travel, and they have a puppy. When I asked Karen and Mike what their perfect date night looks like, they said the perfect date night would be a romantic dinner with a view of the Eiffel Tower while on vacation in Paris.. but until then, they love to make homemade pizza together and watch movies.

For their photos, we went to the Library of Congress. They Library of Congress is a great location for photos if you are looking for that iconic DC backdrop, with a touch of history. What I also love about the Library of Congress is that the sun sets right in front of the building, which makes for a lot of lighting for photos. If you are looking for a place to catch great sunset photos, Library of Congress is definitely one of them.

Library of Congress Engagement photos by DC Wedding Photographer Samia: