Lincoln Memorial Engagement Photos: Lauren and Patrick

These lincoln memorial engagement photos are some of my favorite photos I have taken at the DC monuments. What makes these photos so special is the story of Lauren and Patrick, who are to be married next spring. Lauren and Patrick actually met online and it didn’t take them long at all to discover that they had so much in common. For their first date they actually went to a tavern in Falls Church where they had drinks and talked for hours and made plans to get together again. Lauren still holds it against Patrick though that they actually didn’t actually end up eating dinner (even though she had already picked out what she was going to order) -they just had drinks! 😉 After getting to know one another their love for one another grew. On a December night at the Georgetown waterfront, after Italian dinner, Patrick asked Lauren to be with him forever, to which she said yes. Two of Patrick’s brothers and their significant others were actually hiding out taking pictures and videos too! They then met up with more family and friends to celebrate that night! The start of Lauren and Patrick’s forever wouldn’t be complete without me also telling you about a special puppy named Lincoln! Three days after their engagement, Lauren and Patrick picked up their puppy, an early Christmas present, named Lincoln. 

Fast forward to today and Lauren and Patrick are planning their wedding for spring of 2023 to take place at Top of the Town in Arlington. They chose this as the place to make the commitment to one another because of the gorgeous view and the timeless and classic appeal of the ballroom. For their engagement photos, we also went for a timeless and classic location that portrays their personalities and love for one another. Lincoln memorial engagement photos are some of the best if you are looking for an iconic DC backdrop, with a bit of greenery mixed in. We went for a mix of poses and candid movement and it turned out to be beautiful! Not to mention, Patrick and Lauren brought a couple things with them -champagne to pop at the end, and of course, Lincoln himself. 

Lincoln Memorial Engagement Photos by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Samia