Middleburg Wedding: Lizzy and Zack

Lizzy and Zack’s Middleburg wedding was such a beautiful day. The day started with Lizzy and her bridesmaids and family getting ready at Briar Patch Bed and Breakfast in the Cottage.  The girls got their make up and hair done while taking candid photos and having a blast. Meanwhile Zack was getting ready in the main house with the groomsmen. Once Zack was ready we started with solo pictures of him upstairs in the main house, before heading back to the cottage to get Lizzy in her wedding dress. 

Lizzy and Zack shared the most emotional and beautiful of first looks to date right in between the main house and cottage. They came out and met each other for a private reveal. We then had plenty of time to walk around a bit taking lots of portraits of them before getting ready for the ceremony. Not only was their wedding day special, but the story of these two is special as well. When I asked them how they met, they shared with me “We met on Hinge. We were both at work, definitely not working, and we matched and talked for a few days. We don’t remember what we talked about and we even reached out to Hinge on Twitter to restore our accounts so we can see those first conversations but no such luck 🙁 I remember that we were both motivated and excited to be the best versions of ourselves and it was exciting talking about the ways in which we were both doing that” which I thought was so beautiful. For their first date they actually went to see the movie “Us” which turned about to be terrifying and confusing and they held hands the whole way through. Fast forward today and they are now married and starting their beautiful lives together. 

Their reception was a total blast with nearly every guest on the dance floor for the entirety of the evening. To top it all of, the night ended with Lizzy and Zack actually jumping in a pool! 

Middleburg Wedding photos captured by Virginia Wedding Photographer Samia: