Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend around 1.5 hours before sunset or sunrise. 

What time of day will we take our engagement photos?

We recommend something semi-formal and simple, doesn't have to be pressed shirt and tie, but lean towards a nice dress and straying away from jeans. Dresses have a way of making movement in photos look beautiful, so we encourage brides to wear a dress. In order for photos to look the most timeless and for the focus to be on you and your fiancé, we also recommend choosing neutral colors and mostly solid clothing! Here is a Pinterest board of semi-formal outfits for more inspiration: Engagement Session Outfit Examples.

What do we wear to our engagement session? 

Up to you! We encourage couples to pick the time by the season they prefer to be documented in, and we recommend 4 to 10 months before your wedding day. 

When will we take our engagement photos?

We see engagement sessions as essential in learning more about you and your chemistry, and getting you comfortable with us. We like to be very candid on your wedding day, meaning not disturb if we don’t need to, and document things as they happen. The more comfortable you are with us, the less you will notice us in the backgrounds of your day, and the more you will get out of your experience with us. 

Why do all your wedding packages include an engagement session?

To book your date with us, we require a 25% deposit and signed contract. 

We love your work! How do we “book”?

Want to learn more?

Our typical turn around time for wedding galleries is 4-6 weeks. 

How long will it take to get our final photos back?

We don’t have a limit on how many photos we will deliver. We deliver as many as we can, typically an 8 hour wedding comes out to around 600 images. 

How many photos do we get?

Yes! We generate an online shareable ‘link’ for all our galleries so that you can easily share.

Can we share our photos with friends?

Yes! We release full rights to our photos to our clients, meaning you can print them yourself in any form and they are watermark free. 

Can we print our photos?

Yes! There are no restrictions when it comes to posting images, we love to be tagged so that we can see your images when you post, but it is not by any means a requirement! 

Can we post our photos on social media?

We recommend second shooters on a case by case basis. In our experience, for smaller more intimate weddings, having two photographers can be a little distracting and is not something we recommend. The second shooters we hire are always photographers who have their own photography businesses as well so they are very experienced, and we have certain specific equipment we require they have so that their contribution works cohesively in your gallery. 

Do you have second shooters? How do you select your second shooter?

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