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I understand you are planning the most important day of your life

...and documenting it exactly right is the most important thing in mine.

Hi, I'm Samia

I believe the greatest gift we have in life is our capacity to love one another. I believe in marriage, and I believe that finding the person you want to commit the rest of your life to is an extraordinary thing. Relationships and human connection, is really what life is all about. 

I dedicate my life to documenting that very human connection. Those in between moments, playful hands, a whisper, the teeny tiny things. 

I believe life is to be lived and experienced to it’s fullest, I believe in raw emotion. I believe good photography and good art can remind you how you felt, but great photography, and what I strive to create -will show you things you didn’t see the first time. That is my hope for you and your photo gallery, that is what I hope to create for you to hold onto forever. 

owner + lead photographer


My dad had an Italian restaurant, 'Samia's', named after me -even though we are not Italian, we are actually Lebanese- in Gainesville, Virginia. It is what taught me the value and importance of relationships, and that creme brûlée and Dean Martin are some of the best things in the world. 


When I was younger I wanted to be both Pocahontas, and, an architect. I have always been fascinated by the idea of things lasting forever. Photography is a lot like architecture, just at a faster pace. Specifically I am draw to neoclassical structures for their charming, historic elegance. 

i love popcorn and NOSTALGIC MOVIES

Pretty Woman, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Steel Magnolias, and my forever favorites. When I got marriedI wanted my hair to be as big and bold as Julia Roberts with hollywood waves. I also am obsessed with movie theater popcorn to the point I will go to the theater just to buy popcorn and take it home to watch a movie. 

some fun facts



...the best part about a photo and video team is that you never have to do anything twice.

Time on your wedding day is the most precious thing. We have created a system that works, so that your day can be documented by both photo and video candidly, with one lead. 


We believe in teamwork.

I love each and every wedding I document. Each one is a chance for me to meet a new couple and tell a new story. That’s what I love about my job: each experience and video is unique and personalized. I want to capture yours and turn it into something you can look back on in 50 years and remember every detail of. Storytelling is important to me as a craft, and love stories are the most exciting kind.

I’m looking forward to documenting your love story with Samia in an all encompassing way. It’s a pleasure to witness and document joy, and I honestly can’t wait.

Megan, videographer


Our process is entirely unique, just like Ruth and Idgies' in Fried Green Tomatoes.