The Line Hotel DC Wedding Photos: Joyce and Kevin

Of all the places to take photos in DC, these The Line Hotel DC wedding photos are some of the best. Joyce and Kevin had the most classic, traditional, and timeless of events for their intimate wedding ceremony and reception at the Line. Joyce and Kevin actually met at a programming boot camp in 2017 and bonded over bubble tea. After becoming friends, Joyce asked Kevin out for bubble tea (naturally). Three months later, Kevin asked Joyce out officially  in December 2017 and they have been together ever since. After some time discussing marriage, Joyce decided to ask Kevin if he wanted to get married, and Kevin said yes. Joyce picked out a ring that Kevin bought, making the engagement official.

Their wedding day started with great weather as Joyce got ready in the rooftop suite of the Line Hotel. What makes the Line Hotel one of the best places to get getting ready photos at is the light in the rooms. No matter where you are in any of the rooms, there is an ample amount of light. That coupled with the fact that all of the walls have neutral backgrounds, makes for the perfect setting for timeless looks and great skin tones. I also love how this particular suite at the Line had views of the city from the roof, and was easily accessible. Once Joyce finished putting her traditional wedding dress on, we headed to the Line’s rooftop for her First Look with Kevin. It was the most special of moments followed by lots of portraits all around the Line Hotel, we were also able to get a few photos with the iconic mirror staircase too. After their first look they had their ceremony surrounded by close friends and family, followed by a dinner reception in their suite where they played games and friends and family shared heartfelt thoughts and stories about Joyce and Kevin over wine. Joyce and Kevin’s love is one that inspires, and these photos will forever bring back the special day we celebrated that exact love.  

The Line Hotel DC Wedding Photos by DC Wedding Photographer Samia: