Engagement Photos Maryland: Paige and David

This engagement photos Maryland session was one my favorite engagement sessions to date and I am so excited to share it with you! Paige and David actually met a month and a half before COVID started through Hinge. David had this amazing picture where he was eating noodles out of a backpacker’s food pouch grinning broadly. He also had a few others where he was adventuring outside. Paige really liked his smile and outdoorsy focus, so she messaged him. They had 8 dates before COVID. When COVID hit, Paige went home to be with my family and wanted to “press pause” with David. When she came back from being with my family in June of 2020, she took him up on his earlier offer of quarantining with him and they split time between her apartment in DC and his house in Silver Spring. Fast forward to today and they are planning their wedding for this fall! 

David and Paige decided Briar Patch was the place for them when David saw the colorful but mismatched tablecloths in the breakfast room – he said it felt like Paige and that he could immediately see our family and my friends crammed in in the morning. They both liked the beautiful old trees and the well-loved feel of the place and they also liked that we could have our families on site and be there the whole weekend. For their engagement session, we decided to keep things sentimental and actually chose to go on a little trail that Paige and David used to walk often during COVID. I’m so glad we did because it turned out to well, and I can’t wait for their wedding this fall! 

Engagement Photos Maryland by Wedding Photographer Samia: