Old Town Photoshoot: Coy and Virginia Engagement Photos

Old Town Alexandria was the perfect spot for Virginia and Coy’s engagement photos and I am so excited to share this Old town photoshoot with you. Coy and Virginia met for their first date last May at a coffee shop in Alexandria, Virginia—just a few minutes away from George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate. They walked to a small park, and enjoyed coffee and conversation in what seemed like a random gazebo. If you know Coy and Virginia, you won’t be surprised that they talked about crypto and Zimbabwe. In short, it seemed like a smashing success! However, Coy had to cut it off after an hour and a half to volunteer at church, and Virginia wondered if he was making up an excuse to leave…especially after he mentioned that he would “be out of town for a few weeks.” Any such doubts were quickly erased as Coy proved to be an excellent date-planner and Virginia was quickly swept off her feet. They fell in love while enjoying an Italian dinner in Dupont Circle, strolling around DC’s Tidal Basin, exploring Mount Vernon (during the great Cicada emerging of 2021), and visiting nearby Hunt Country. Most importantly, they fell in love through sharing their faith.

They’ve expanded each other’s horizons: Coy now enjoys Virginia’s favorite BBC series Father Brown; Virginia now enjoys Coy’s favorite cartoon Adventure Time. Coy now appreciates Virginia’s wide range of musical taste-including Lionel Richie and John Denver-and Virginia now tolerates Coy’s obsession with bluegrass. Truly a perfect match!

After securing blessings from the McNallys, the stage was set for Coy’s proposal during a March weekend. On a Friday evening, Virginia awaited in anticipation for a grand gesture while Coy sat in a Jiffy Lube waiting room texting her amusing videos of ducks he found on the internet. After Virginia wondered if this was some sort of trick…Coy revealed that there were no big plans for the evening. Virginia’s patience paid off the following morning. Coy planned an intricate scavenger hunt spread out over three locations and with clues delivered by Virginia’s dear friends Olivia and Hillary. At the end of the hunt, Virginia found Coy waiting for her at the coffee shop where they first met. They walked in the snow to the gazebo that once seemed random but now holds great significance, and having lost all feelings in his toes and fingers, Coy asked Virginia to marry him. The next morning, they attended a worship service at Trinity Episcopal Church in Upperville, Virginia—the site of their future marriage ceremony. It was truly a perfect match!

Old Town Photoshoot  by Virginia Wedding Photographer Samia: